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27 (number) 27th Dáil 27th Punjabis 27th Division 27th Fighter Squadron 27th Special Operations Group 27th & Welton station 27th Special Operations Wing 27th Street station 27th Intelligence Squadron 27th Brigade 27th Artillery Regiment "Marche" 27th Infantry Division (United States) 27th Canadian Parliament 27th Group Army 27th Infantry Regiment (United States) 27th Maine Infantry Regiment 27th Connecticut Infantry Regiment 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot 27th Tactical Air Support Squadron 27th Mohammad Rasulullah Division 27th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom) 27th Battalion (City of Winnipeg), CEF 27th Army Church and 27th Street station 27th Field Artillery Regiment…

t 27th Indiana Infantry Regiment 27th Regiment 27th Marine Regiment (United States) 27th Battalion 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (United States) 27th Air Division 27th parallel 27th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment 27th Engineer Battalion (United States) 27th Street 27th meridian 27th Division (United Kingdom) California's 27th senatorial district 27th & Crystal station 27th Infantry Division "Brescia" 27th Armored Division (United States) 27th Alberta Legislature 27th Rocket Brigade 27th Machine-Gun Battalion (New Zealand) 27th Cavalry Regiment 27th Brigade (Austr

alia) 2nd Battalion, 27th Field Artillery Regiment (United States) 27th Michigan Infantry Regiment 27th Jäger Battalion (Finland) 27th Illinois Infantry Regiment 27th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 27th Armoured Brigade (United Kingdom) Government of the 27th Dáil Texas's 27th congressional district 27th Division (Imperial Japanese Army) 27th Virginia Infantry Regiment 27th New York Infantry Regiment 27th Nova Scotia general election 27th New Brunswick general election From the 27th State 27th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment 27th Home Army Infantry Division (Poland) 27th New Jersey Infantry Regiment 27th Rocket Artillery Brigade (Ukraine) 27th Rifle Division 27th Panzer Div

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