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Willie's Place

Willie's Place in 2010. The apostrophe in the sign is replaced with an image of a bullet hole.

Willie's Place was a 15 acres (6.1 ha) truck stop and biodiesel processing plant located in Carl's Corner, Texas that was opened in 2005 and named after Willie Nelson.[1][2][3][4] The facility was originally built circa 1980 by Carl Cornelius and named Carl's Corner.[3][5] Willie's Place was closed for a time and then reopened in 2008 after a significant expansion.[6] Willie's Place had a gas station that was the first to sell Willie Nelson Biodiesel brand biodiesel, a restaurant that specialized in Southern cuisine, a convenience store and a 750-seat concert theater for performances.[3][6][7][8] The theater had a bar and a 1,000 square feet (93 m2) dance floor, and various touring country western bands would perform there.[5][8][9]

Willie Nelson also occasionally visited the site, and occasionally performed.[5][10] The establishment also had a "display of rare country music memorabilia", along with Willie Nelson memorabilia.[5][8] Willie's Place had about 80 employees.[11]

Biodiesel processing plant

The processing plant at Willie's Place processed over two million gallons of biodiesel annually.[1]


Willie's Place closed in 2011 after a loan default occurred, which led to foreclosure and bankruptcy.[4] It was later converted into a Petro truck stop.[3][4][7]

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