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List of equipment of the Latvian Land Forces

This is a list of equipment used by the Latvian Land Forces.

Personal equipment

A Latvian Army soldier uses hand signals to communicate with his comrades during exercise Saber Junction 15. Note the LATPAT camouflage pattern and BEAR-II vest

The equipment of the Latvian Land Forces troops includes:

  • LatPat, Multi-LatPat and WoodLatPat (Latvian digital camouflage uniform).
  • Norwegian BEAR-II load bearing armor system
  • Kevlar helmets
  • Night vision devices

Infantry weapons

Model Image Origin Variant Caliber Details
Glock  Austria Glock 17
Glock 19
Glock 21
Glock 26
9×19mm Parabellum Standard issue pistol.[1][2][3]
Heckler & Koch P2A1  Germany Flare gun 26.5mm Complementary order in 2024[4]
Submachine guns
Heckler & Koch UMP  Germany UMP9 9×19mm Parabellum Standard issue submachine gun.[1][3]
Heckler & Koch MP5  West Germany MP5A3 9×19mm Parabellum [3]
Heckler & Koch MP7  Germany MP7A2 HK 4.6×30mm [3][5]
Remington 870  United States MCS 12 gauge [3]
Winchester 1300  United States 12 gauge Is going to be replaced.[3]
Mossberg 500  United States 12 gauge Is going to be replaced.[3]
Assault rifles and Rifles
Heckler & Koch G36  Germany G36V
5.56×45mm NATO Standard issue assault rifle.[1][2][3][6]Complementary order in 2024.[4]
M16  United States M16A1 5.56×45mm NATO Used by Honour Guard, as ceremonial rifle.[7]
M14  United States 7.62×51mm NATO Used by Honour Guard, as ceremonial rifle.[8]
Lee-Enfield  United Kingdom No.4 MkI* .303 British 120 rifles were donated by Canada. Used by Honour Guard, as ceremonial rifle.[9]
Sniper rifles
Heckler & Koch HK417  Germany HK417A2 7.62×51mm NATO [3][5]
PGM Hécate II  France 12.7×99mm NATO Standard issue heavy sniper rifle.[1][2][3]
Accuracy International Arctic Warfare  United Kingdom AW
7.62×51mm NATO
12.7×99mm NATO
AW variant used to be the standard issue sniper rifle.[1][3][5]
Barrett M107  United States M107A1 12.7×99mm NATO [3][5]
Machine guns
FN Minimi  Belgium Minimi Para 5.56×45mm NATO Standard issue light machine gun.[1][2][3]
Kulspruta 58
Kulspruta 58 B
7.62×51mm NATO [2][3]
M2 Browning  United States M2HB-QCB 12.7×99mm NATO [10][3]
Grenade launchers
Heckler & Koch AG36  Germany 40×46mm LV [1][3]
Heckler & Koch GMG  Germany 40×53mm HV [1][2][3]Complementary order in 2024[4]
Metallic RBG-6  South Africa
 South Africa
40×46mm Produced initially without license by Metallic d.o.o. [3]
Anti-tank weapons
SPIKE  Israel SR
Modern tripod-mounted launcher, programmable attack, fire-and-forget. Fires several missile types, varying in weight and size as they fly from shorter to longer ranges.[2][3][11]
Carl Gustav recoilless rifle  Sweden M2
84 mm Re-loadable, fires a variety of ammunition. M2 variant used by the National Guard.[12] 800 Carl Gustaf M2 were donated by Norway.[13] Improved M4 variant on order.[14]
AT4  Sweden 84 mm Light weight, one-shot, disposable.[2]
Unmanned aerial vehicles
UAV Factory Penguin C  Latvia Penguin C Long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles.[15]
AeroVironment RQ-20 Puma  United States RQ-20A 3 systems, each having 3 unmanned aerial vehicles.[16]

Military vehicles

Name Image Origin Type Variants Quantity Notes
Armoured reconnaissance vehicles
CVR(T)  United Kingdom Armoured reconnaissance vehicle Scimitar
198 116 modernized vehicles in service, plus 7 used for training. 82 additional vehicles on order - to be delivered by 2022.[17][18]
Armoured personnel carriers
Patria 6×6  Finland


Armoured personnel carrier Patria 6×6 >30-50 as of 2023 serving in the National Guard Approximately 200 vehicles on order. To be delivered 2021–2029.[19][20] The first 4 vehicles received on 29 October 2021. Partially built in Latvia from 2021.[21][22]
Armoured cars
Mercedes-Benz G-Class  Austria

 West Germany

Armoured car 290GD 50 [23][24]
Humvee  United States Armoured car M1043A2
Ten vehicles donated by the United States in 2005.[25] Possibly 28 more purchased later.[26] Some equipped with HK GMG, M2 Browning and Spike anti-tank guided missile.[citation needed]
Mercedes-Benz Unimog  Germany Truck U1300
Scania  Sweden Truck P93
134 P93 trucks and 8 NM154 recovery vehicles donated by Norway in 2013. 50 more trucks purchased in 2014.[23]
Light vehicles
Can-Am Outlander  Finland


All-terrain vehicle Outlander MAX 650XT 582[28] [29]
Polaris RZR  United States Fast attack vehicle MRZR-2
62[30] Option for up to 130 vehicles.[31]
Mercedes-Benz G-Class  Austria

 West Germany

Land Rover Defender  United Kingdom SUV D110 2 D110 variant used by military police.[34]
Subaru Forester  Japan SUV 23 23 vehicles used by military police [35]
Nissan Navara  Japan SUV ~55 [35]
Special vehicles
M3 Amphibious Rig  Germany Amphibious bridge layer 4 on order.[36]
Bv 206  Sweden Amphibious tracked vehicle Bv 206A
Bv 206F
Donated by Sweden in 2002 and 2003.[37]
Peugeot 308   France Car ~50 [35]
Ford Transit Custom  United States Light commercial vehicle ~35 [35]


Model Image Origin Caliber Quantity Details
GrW 86  Austria 120 mm Multiple units purchased from Austria in 2017.[38]
m/41D  Finland
120 mm [39]
L16 81mm mortar  United Kingdom
81 mm
Self-propelled artillery
Rechenstellenpanzer M109
Driver training vehicle
Latvian Army M109 A5o Howitzer  United States
155 mm 47
35 howitzers, 10 command and control vehicles and 2 driver training vehicles purchased from Austria in 2017.[40]
Additional 18 howitzers received in 2021.[41] 6 howizers were donated to Ukraine.[42]
Rocket artillery
M142 HIMARS  United States 227 mm 0 (6 on order) In October 2022, Latvian Ministry of Defense announced that the country will acquire 6 systems.[43] The contract was signed in December 2023.[44]

Anti-ship weapons

Model Image Origin Type Caliber Notes
Naval Strike Missile  Norway Anti-ship/land-attack missile Contract signed in 2023 and the system is planned to be operational in 2027.[45]

Air-defence equipment

Model Image Origin Variant Details
Medium-range air defence systems
IRIS-T  Germany IRIS-T SLM In May 2023, Estonia and Latvia made a decision to jointly procure medium-range IRIS-T SLM.[46] The contract was signed in November 2023 and the systems are planned to be operational in 2026.[47]
Man-portable air-defence systems
FIM-92 Stinger  United States FIM-92 Stinger [48] All to be transferred to Ukraine.[49]
PPZR Piorun  Poland Undisclosed number of missiles ordered in 2022.[50]
RBS-70  Sweden RBS 70 NG [51]
Saab Giraffe  Sweden [39]
AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel  United States AN/MPQ-64F1 [52]
AN/TPS-77  United States AN/TPS-77

Retired/obsolete equipment

In the 1990s, the Latvian Army and National Guard troops were equipped with leftover Soviet, Romanian and Czechoslovak[54] weapons like the AKM, AK-74, SKS rifles and TT and Makarov pistols, alongside early procurements of CZ 82 pistols from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the late 1990s, a gradual switch to the Swedish-made Ak 4 rifle began, but AK-pattern rifles remained. Today Ak4 rifles are mostly kept in storage.[55] In 1995, the Czechs donated 20 120mm mortars (possibly the vz. 82 PRAM-L) and 24 100 mm vz. 53 field guns.[54]

Retired/obsolete vehicles include:

  • 2 BRDM-2 armored cars (donated by Poland by 1992, mostly used by the Suži Airborne Reconnaissance Battalion of the Land Forces, later used as target practice);[56][57]
  • 5 T-55AM Merida tanks (donated by Poland in 1999.[58] Three remaining tanks, still used for training purposes, were reported to have come from the Czech Republic in 2000, not Poland.);[59][60]
  • ~12 Terrängbil m/42 KP IFVs (donated around 1994 by Sweden to the Baltic states, retired by the late 1990s or early 2000s; at least one transferred to the State Border Guard).[60][61][62][63]


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