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Deep Tracks

Deep Tracks
Broadcast areaUnited States
FrequencySirius XM Radio 308
Dish Network 6027
FormatClassic Rock
OwnerSirius XM Radio
Technical information
ClassSatellite Radio Station
WebsiteSiriusXM: Deep Tracks

Deep Tracks is a Sirius XM Radio channel featuring lesser-known classic rock music selections such as album tracks, one-hit wonders, concert recordings, "forgotten 45s" and "B-side" tracks.

Previous logo, used until April 2009. Still seen on current brochures of Sirius Canada.

Brian Beddow is Deep Tracks' current programming director. Earle Bailey is one of its on-air voices and has worked with American voice-over artist Ted Williams.[1][2] Meg Griffin is also heard regularly on the channel during the week, with Carol Miller appearing on weekends.

The station appears on SiriusXM Radio as channel 308. Originally it replaced The Vault as a part of the Sirius/XM merger in 2008. It can also be heard on Dish Network channel 6027(previously 6016) until Sirius XM's The Blend took Sirius XM Radio 16 and Dish Network 6016. As of April 2009, this channel has changed its logo, taking the logo from former XM channel Top Tracks, which was replaced by Classic Vinyl post-Sirius/XM merger.

The name is a remnant of XM's old classic rock stations: Big Tracks, Top Tracks, and Deep Tracks. Big Tracks became Classic Rewind. Top Tracks became Classic Vinyl.

The original programmer for the channel, George Taylor Morris, departed in the summer of 2008 due to health issues.

For one week in January 2020, the station exclusively played music by Rush in tribute to the band's drummer Neil Peart, who died on January 7, 2020.

On October 6, 2020, the station started playing music by Van Halen in tribute to Eddie Van Halen, who died on the same day. The first song played was "Jamie's Cryin'".

Dusty Street and Jim Ladd were prominent hosts for the channel; both died in 2023.[3][4]

Core artists

Internet Player

One feature of the internet version is the ability to bias the player regarding how well known the artists played are. Another is to bias it toward artists from the Vinyl era or from the Rewind era.


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