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Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill
Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill volume 1.jpg
First light novel volume cover
(Tondemo Sukiru de Isekai Hōrō Meshi)
Novel series
Written byRen Eguchi
Published byShōsetsuka ni Narō
Original runJanuary 5, 2016 – present
Light novel
Written byRen Eguchi
Illustrated byMasa
Published byOverlap
English publisher
ImprintOverlap Novels
Original runNovember 25, 2016 – present
Volumes14 (List of volumes)
Written byRen Eguchi
Illustrated byAkagishi K
Published byOverlap
English publisher
J-Novel Club
MagazineComic Gardo
Original runMarch 24, 2017 – present
Volumes9 (List of volumes)
Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill: Sui's Great Adventure
Written byRen Eguchi
Illustrated byMomo Futaba
Published byOverlap
English publisher
J-Novel Club
MagazineComic Gardo
Original runAugust 24, 2018 – present
Volumes7 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byKiyoshi Matsuda
Written byMichiko Yokote
Music by
  • Masato Kōda
  • Kana Utatane
  • Kuricorder Quartet
Licensed byCrunchyroll
Original networkTXN (TV Tokyo)
English network
Original run January 11, 2023 March 29, 2023
Episodes12 (List of episodes)

Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill (Japanese: とんでもスキルで異世界放浪メシ, Hepburn: Tondemo Sukiru de Isekai Hōrō Meshi) is a Japanese light novel series written by Ren Eguchi. The series originated on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website in January 2016, before being published in print with illustrations by Masa by Overlap beginning in November 2016 under their Overlap Novels imprint. As of December 2022, thirteen volumes have been released.

A manga adaptation, illustrated by Akagishi K, began serialization on the Comic Gardo website in March 2017. As of December 2022, the manga's individual chapters have been collected into nine volumes. A manga spin-off, illustrated by Momo Futaba, began serialization on the same website in August 2018. As of December 2022, the spin-off's individual chapters have been collected into seven volumes. An anime television series adaptation by MAPPA aired from January to March 2023.


A group of four Japanese citizens, consisting of three high school students and one adult, are magically summoned to a parallel fantasy world by the Kingdom of Reijseger, who asks them for help in their war against the demon folk. As a result of the summoning ritual, the three students appear to have several powerful magical abilities and are accepted as "Heroes". However, the adult, an ordinary salaryman named Tsuyoshi Mukouda (a.k.a. "Mukohda"), is found to only have the power of "Online Supermarket". Suspicious of the kingdom's true intentions, he convinces the nobles his ability is useless, allowing him to leave and pursue a simple life in the new world. Experimenting with his Online Supermarket skill, he discovers he is able to instantly order food and other products from Japan. During his travels, he meets a legendary beast known as a "Fenrir", who demands Mukohda feed him a meal. After numerous servings, the Fenrir, eventually named Fel, takes a liking to Mukohda's cooking and forces him to accept a familiar contract. As Mukohda continues his journey, he encounters other monsters, as well as gods from the Divine Realm, who grant him familiar contracts and blessings in order to obtain his food and otherworldly goods.


Main characters

Tsuyoshi Mukouda (向田剛志, Mukōda Tsuyoshi) / Mukohda (ムコーダ, Mukōda)
Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya[3] (drama CD), Yuma Uchida[4] (anime)
The main protagonist of the series. He is a mild-mannered but cowardly 27-year-old salaryman and proficient cook who is accidentally transported to another world during a hero summoning ritual. Tsuyoshi presents himself as "Mukohda" in the new world after learning full names are used exclusively by nobility. He has the unique ability "Online Supermarket", which allows him to purchase items from modern Japan. He is able to provide temporary stat buffs by cooking meals with ingredients bought through his skill. He gains notoriety as a beast tamer through his powerful familiar contracts.
Fel (フェル, Feru)
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita[3] (drama CD), Satoshi Hino[4] (anime)
A Fenrir and Mukohda's first familiar. He is a legendary wolf-like creature who has lived for over a thousand years. He has extraordinary strength, agility, and magic that enables him to wipe out most monsters with little effort. Fel is prideful, selfish, and gluttonous, choosing to follow Mukohda simply to eat his food. He loves meat and hates vegetables.
Sui (スイ)
Voiced by: Misaki Kuno[3] (drama CD), Hina Kino[4] (anime)
A slime and Mukohda's second familiar. Initially met as a baby, Sui evolves throughout the series by gaining experience through battle and eating trash from Mukohda's Online Supermarket purchases. Though slimes are generally regarded as weak, Sui is noted for being a special exception. It is able to melt enemies with acid bullets, as well as create potions and weapons. Sporting a child-like personality, it enjoys desserts and dislikes spicy foods. Sui is the main protagonist of the spin-off manga series Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill: Sui's Great Adventure.
Dora-chan (ドラちゃん)
Voiced by: Hiro Shimono[3] (drama CD)
A pixie dragon and Mukohda's third familiar. He is very small, but has a spunky and boastful nature. He is able to fly at extreme speeds and holds a vast amount of magical power. Despite being an adult dragon, he was named with the honorific -chan by Mukohda due to his size and cuteness, much to Dora's chagrin. His favorite treat is Japanese pudding.
Old Man Gon (ゴン爺, Gonjii)
An ancient dragon and Mukohda's fourth (and temporary) familiar. Having lived for several millennia, he is an old rival of Fel and one of few creatures capable of fighting him on equal terms. Gon is similar to Fel in voraciousness, arrogance, and stubbornness, causing the two to butt heads. Much like Dora, he was given an embarrassing name by Mukohda. He normally stands about twenty stories tall, but is able to shrink at will.


Ninrir (ニンリル, Ninriru)
Voiced by: Ayane Sakura[3] (drama CD), Maaya Uchida[5] (anime)
The Goddess of Wind, who has long silver-colored hair and a huge sweet tooth. She is the mistress of Fel and first deity to grant Mukohda her blessing, giving him immunity to poisons, illnesses, and other negative status effects. She first disagreed with Fel's contract with Mukohda, but comes to accept it after first experiencing what he has to offer. Due to her constant demands for otherworldly sweets (most of it from Fujiya according to the webnovel) and frequent emotional outbursts (to him and her fellow Goddesses), Mukohda often refers to her as the "divine disappointment".
Agni (アグニ, Aguni)
Voiced by: Yō Taichi[6] (anime)
The Goddess of Fire, who has long red-colored hair, dark skin, and a hotheaded temperament. She strengthens Mukohda's fire magic in exchange for otherworldly beer.
Kisharle (キシャール, Kishāru)
Voiced by: Yūko Kaida[6] (anime)
The Goddess of Earth, who has long blonde hair, a curvaceous figure, and a sisterly personality. She bolsters Mukohda's earth magic in exchange for otherworldly beauty products from Matsumoto Kiyoshi, including varieties of SK-II anti-ageing products.
Rusalka (ルサールカ, Rusāruka)
Voiced by: Saho Shirasu[6] (anime)
The Goddess of Water, who has shorter blue-colored hair, a young appearance, and a quiet demeanor. In spite of her often neutral personality, she can be prone to bursts of sorrow when she feels she has been wronged in some way which even her fellow Goddesses cannot stand. Due to Mukohda's lack of affinity for water magic, she grants Sui her blessing instead to receive offerings of otherworldly food.
Vahagn (ヴァハグン, Vahagun)
The God of War, who wears a skull helmet and is adorned with tattoos. In exchange for otherworldly booze, he provides Dora (and Fel in the light novel) with his blessing, boosting their stats by 50% during battle.
Hephaestos (ヘファイストス, Hefaisutosu)
The God of Blacksmithing, who has dwarf-like features. In exchange for otherworldly booze, he gives Sui the ability to forge and upgrade weapons.
Demiurge (デミウルゴス, Demiurugosu)
The God of All Creation, the creator deity of the world Mukohda is summoned to. He eventually catches the other gods extorting Mukohda for his otherworldly goods, sentencing them to temporary house arrest. After Mukohda sends him sake as a gift, Demiurge bestows his blessing of longevity, raising Mukhoda's lifespan to 1,500 years.

Other characters

Elrand (エルランド, Erurando)
The elven guildmaster for the Adventurer's Guild in the dungeon city of Dolan. He is a former adventurer, expert swordsman, and skilled monster butcher. He is infamously known for his eccentric behavior and obsession with dragons. Elrand first meets Mukohda and his party after they seek his help in butchering a rare earth dragon for its meat. He often attempts to follow Mukohda around after learning about his exploits of defeating and recruiting dragons.
Lambert (ランベルト, Ranberuto)
Voiced by: Motoi Koyanagi (anime)
A leather goods merchant from the city of Karelina whom Mukohda befriends after saving his caravan from a bandit attack. The two form a successful business partnership, alongside Lambert's wife Marie, selling soap and hair treatment products from Mukohda's world. When Mukohda decides to make Karelina his base of operations and buy a house, Lambert offers him real estate advice and recommendations on purchasing servants.


Light novel

Written by Ren Eguchi, the series began publication on the novel posting website Shōsetsuka ni Narō on January 5, 2016.[7] The series was later acquired by Overlap, who began publishing the series with illustrations by Masa on November 25, 2016 under their Overlap Novels imprint.[8] As of April 2023, fourteen volumes have been released.[9]

In March 2019, J-Novel Club announced that they licensed the light novel for English publication.[10]

Volume list

No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 November 25, 2016[8]978-4-86-554167-0May 6, 2019[1]978-1-71-834300-9
2 March 25, 2017[11]978-4-86-554204-2August 6, 2019[1]978-1-71-834302-3
3 July 25, 2017[12]978-4-86-554239-4October 7, 2019[1]978-1-71-834304-7
4 December 25, 2017[13]978-4-86-554296-7December 24, 2019[1]978-1-71-834306-1
5 April 25, 2018[14]978-4-86-554310-0March 2, 2020[1]978-1-71-834308-5
6 January 25, 2019[15]978-4-86-554441-1May 18, 2020[1]978-1-71-834310-8
7 July 25, 2019[16]978-4-86-554525-8August 5, 2020[1]978-1-71-834312-2
8 January 25, 2020[17]978-4-86-554597-5October 19, 2020[1]978-1-71-834314-6
9 September 25, 2020[18]978-4-86-554745-0February 22, 2021[1]978-1-71-834316-0
10 May 25, 2021[19]978-4-86-554915-7September 29, 2021[1]978-1-71-834318-4
11 November 25, 2021[20]978-4-82-400046-0May 25, 2022[1]978-1-71-834320-7
12 June 25, 2022[21]978-4-82-400214-3November 15, 2022[1]978-1-71-834322-1
13 December 25, 2022[22]978-4-82-400366-9
14 April 25, 2023[9]978-4-82-400470-3


A manga adaptation, illustrated by Akagishi K, began serialization on the Comic Gardo manga website on March 24, 2017.[23] As of December 2022, the series' individual chapters have been collected into nine tankōbon volumes.[24] In April 2020, J-Novel Club announced that they also licensed the manga adaptation for English publication.[25]

A spin-off manga illustrated by Momo Futaba, titled Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill: Sui's Great Adventure (とんでもスキルで異世界放浪メシ スイの大冒険, Tondemo Sukiru de Isekai Hōrō Meshi: Sui no Daibōken), began serialization on the Comic Gardo website on August 24, 2018.[26] As of December 2022, the series' individual chapters have been collected into seven tankōbon volumes.[27] In September 2022, J-Novel Club announced that they also licensed the spin-off manga in English.[28]

Volume list

Main series
No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 December 25, 2017[29]978-4-86-554297-4October 28, 2020[30]978-1-71-834340-5
2 April 25, 2018[31]978-4-86-554341-4January 13, 2021[30]978-1-71-834341-2
3 January 25, 2019[32]978-4-86-554445-9June 2, 2021[30]978-1-71-834342-9
4 July 25, 2019[33]978-4-86-554529-6August 25, 2021[30]978-1-71-834343-6
5 January 25, 2020[34]978-4-86-554607-1October 26, 2021[30]978-1-71-834344-3
6 September 25, 2020[35]978-4-86-554752-8February 2, 2022[30]978-1-71-834346-7
7 May 25, 2021[36]978-4-86-554923-2April 13, 2022[30]978-1-71-834345-0
8 November 25, 2021[37]978-4-82-400055-2June 22, 2022[30]978-1-71-834347-4
9 December 25, 2022[24]978-4-82-400373-7
No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 January 25, 2019[38]978-4-86-554444-2November 9, 2022[39]978-1-71-834370-2
2 July 25, 2019[40]978-4-86-554528-9January 11, 2023[39]978-1-71-834371-9
3 January 25, 2020[41]978-4-86-554606-4March 29, 2023[39]978-1-71-834372-6
4 September 25, 2020[42]978-4-86-554751-1July 12, 2023[39]
5 May 25, 2021[43]978-4-86-554922-5
6 November 25, 2021[44]978-4-82-400054-5
7 December 25, 2022[27]978-4-82-400372-0


An anime television series adaptation was announced on October 29, 2022. It is produced by MAPPA and directed by Kiyoshi Matsuda, with scripts written by Michiko Yokote, character designs handled by Nao Ōtsu, and music composed by Masato Kōda, Kana Utatane, and Kuricorder Quartet. The series aired from January 11 to March 29, 2023, on TV Tokyo and other networks.[4][45][a] The opening theme song is "Zeitaku na Saji" (贅沢な匙, "Exquisite Spoon") by Van de Shop, while the ending theme song is "Happy-go-Journey" by Yuma Uchida.[46][6] Muse Communication licensed the series in Asia-Pacific[47] while Crunchyroll has licensed the series for the rest of the world.[48]

Episode list

No.Title [49][50]Directed by [b]Written by [b]Original air date [49]
1"My Absurd Skill Is Unexpectedly Useful"
Transcription: "Tondemo Sukiru wa Yakunitatsu" (Japanese: とんでもスキルは役に立つ)
Kiyoshi MatsudaMichiko YokoteJanuary 11, 2023 (2023-01-11)
Tsuyoshi Mukouda (a.k.a. "Mukohda") is summoned from Japan to an alternate world with three others to become heroes of the Reijseger Kingdom. Unlike the others who have skills in swordsmanship and magic, Mukohda only possesses the "Online Grocery" skill which lets him spend money to buy food and other products online from Japan. Sensing the Reijseger royals are untrustworthy, Mukohda convinces them his skill is useless and accepts money to quietly disappear. Confirming the royals are tyrants, Mukohda abandons Reijseger and hires Werner and his Iron Will adventurers to escort him to the neighboring Veenen Kingdom. Mukohda provides them food from his skill and prepares meals on a modern camping stove. Mukohda discovers Japanese ingredients boost health and magic and decides to use only ingredients foraged by hand in case people discover his skill and try to take advantage. One night, Mukohda’s cooking attracts a Fenrir, a legendary wolf monster, who demands to taste the food. The Fenrir is so impressed he insists on becoming Mukohda’s contracted familiar in exchange for three meals a day. Calculating the cost of feeding his new Fenrir, Mukohda realizes he needs employment immediately.
2"The Salient Familiar Is a Living Legend"
Transcription: "Medatsu Jūma wa Ikiru Densetsu" (Japanese: 目立つ従魔は生きる伝説)
Kiyoshi Matsuda
Hiromi Nishiyama
Michiko YokoteJanuary 18, 2023 (2023-01-18)
Mukohda names the Fenrir Fel. Werner tells him entering Veenen will be difficult as Fenrir are legendary monsters and sure to draw attention. Fel agrees to hunt for their meat as long as Mukohda cooks it, which also saves money. Fel does draw attention at the border but is allowed to enter Veenen due to his familiar contract. Mukohda decides to register at the Merchants Guild, intending to use Online Grocery to become a traveling trader and see the world. Almost immediately Mukohda receives an invite to meet Margrave Lindell but refuses. Mukohda registers as an Iron rank merchant, allowing him to run a mobile trading stall between cities. He discovers items like salt and pepper purchased from Online Grocery for 10 copper coins are rare commodities and sells a bag of each to the Guildmaster himself for 17 gold. Additionally, he joins the Adventurers Guild to sell valuable monster parts left over from Fel’s meals but learns he must complete one quest a month to maintain his membership. Keeping it simple, he accepts a quest to gather medicinal plants. Werner and his friends express hope of seeing Mukohda again, already missing his presence and exceptional cooking skill.
3"My Super Power Is All About Cooking"
Transcription: "Sugita Chikara wa Ryōri no Tame ni" (Japanese: 過ぎた力は料理の為に)
Takahiro KanekoMichiko YokoteJanuary 25, 2023 (2023-01-25)
Mukohda completes the quest quickly, and while Fel hunts more monster meat he is able to use discounted ingredients to make spaghetti. Mukohda is disturbed orcs, which possess a more humanoid appearance, are an acceptable food source even humans eat. Fel starts letting Mukohda ride on his back to make traveling faster. Adventurer guild secretary Bianca, despite her abrasive personality, develops a soft spot for Fel. Mukohda has the monsters butchered, keeps the meat and sells the rest of the body parts for 200 gold with the butcher explaining the value of monster parts is often underestimated by amateurs. Mukohda also discovers, despite expectations, the orc meat is even tastier than pork. With Fel drawing so much attention, Mukohda decides it is safer to claim he is a Great-Wolf, not a Fenrir. Due to his new wealth Mukohda celebrates by introducing Fel to Japanese Wagyu beef. Unfortunately, such high- quality Japanese meat boosts Fel’s stats so high he hunts even stronger monsters all night, including a rare Orc-General, an A rank Ogre, and even a legendary Chimera. Exasperated by how many valuable monsters he needs butchered, Mukohda decides to never feed Fel wagyu again.
4"Cannot Start the Journey Without a Map"
Transcription: "Chizu ga Nakute wa Hajimaranai" (Japanese: 地図が無くては始まらない)
Parako ShinoharaMichiko YokoteFebruary 1, 2023 (2023-02-01)
Mukohda discovers he can use magic, but it is pathetically weak. Fel insists combat is the way to improve and forces a protesting Mukohda to fight a goblin village. Mukohda levels up his fire magic but faints from the strain, requiring Fel to save him. Fel rewards his effort by hunting a Goblin King which, while inedible, contains a valuable magic stone. Too exhausted to cook Mukohda feeds Fel dessert pastries. Fel reveals he is blessed by Ninrir, the Wind Goddess, making wind magic his strongest element. Jealous, Mukohda calls out for any Goddess to give him a blessing. Elsewhere, a Goddess actually hears his request. To keep from wandering aimlessly they enter a town to buy a map but learn due to the number of wars accurate maps of the world are national secrets. At a pub, he buys a map showing the general location of the kingdoms and their dungeons for one gold. Learning from some adventurers, he was swindled since maps are a basic item available at all guilds for one silver. Having acquired a map, Mukohda decides to head east to a kingdom by the ocean.
5"The Goddess of Wind Has a Sweet Tooth"
Transcription: "Kaze no Megami wa Kanmi ga Osuki" (Japanese: 風の女神は甘味がお好き)
Kyōko YamazakiErika AndōFebruary 8, 2023 (2023-02-08)
Ninrir takes an interest in Mukohda. Fel insists they rest by a lake so Mukohda can cook fish. Mukohda discovers a Slime monster which can eat anything and helpfully devours the packaging his Online orders arrived in. Fel reveals the Slime likes Mukohda, which for such a simple monster constitutes a Contract. Mukohda names his new familiar Sui, who begins levelling up fast when Mukohda feeds him actual food. Once Mukohda trains Sui not to eat his utensils Sui is able to do the washing up. Ninrir sends Fel a Revalation; she will grant Mukohda her blessing to increase his magic and resistance to injury, in exchange for an offering of sweets once a week. Mukohda makes an offering of sweet buns and is granted the blessing. Meanwhile Ninrir, a young goddess with a severe sweet tooth, devours the buns and begins sending Mukohda Revelations every few days are little more than lists of sweet she wants. She throw tantrums when he tries to stick to their deal of one offering per week. Despite the blessing Fel is disappointed by Mukohda’s progress with combat magic and takes him to a special area where his abilities should improve rapidly.
6"Growth Happens Out of Nowhere"
Transcription: "Seichō wa Totsuzen Yattekuru" (Japanese: 成長は突然やってくる)
Tatsuya SasakiShigeru MurakoshiFebruary 15, 2023 (2023-02-15)
Fel forces Mukohda to enter a recently appeared dungeon and fight monsters to rapidly improve his Earth magic, Stone Bullet, so Mukohda prepares by eating Japanese ingredients for the temporary status boosts. Forced to fight without Fel’s assistance, Mukohda becomes more proficient at Stone Bullet, and able to fire three bullets simultaneously. He discovers Sui is useful in combat with strong Acid Bullets. After defeating an army of Kobolds, Mukohda is confronted by the dungeon boss, Kobold King, enraged by the death of his army. Mukohda desperately upgrades Stone Bullet to Stone Cannon and injures the king, but runs out of magic, so Sui kills the king instead and levels up while Mukohda passes out. Awakening, Mukohda discovers Sui can now speak in a childlike manner and refers to the outraged Fel as Uncle Fel, and while they have both leveled up Mukohda is disappointed Sui is actually stronger than he is, but he still treats everyone to huge helpings of Oyakodon made with stat boosting Japanese ingredients.
7"The Wolf Dances With Monsters"
Transcription: "Ōkami wa Majū to Odoru" (Japanese: 狼は魔獣と踊る)
Kenji TakahashiShigeru MurakoshiFebruary 22, 2023 (2023-02-22)
Fel insists on a shortcut through Griffin territories, so Mukohda spends the whole time terrified. Along the way Mukohda discovers rare healing mushrooms can even heal stab wounds and broken bones. Sui eats one and gains a skill to produce multiple types of healing potion, including one so powerful it can save people from certain death. A griffin challenges Fel to a duel to prove himself the dominant griffin. Fel wins, requiring Sui’s new potions to save Griffin. Mukohda notices Fel was also injured, a feat few have achieved, and the other griffins agree Griffin is the new leader. Griffon gives Mukohda a feather guaranteeing him safe passage in griffon territory forever. Fel is furious Mukohda has been forgetting his offerings to Ninrir. After six weeks on the shortcut, they exit griffon territory and find a trading caravan under attack by bandits. Fel scares the bandits into surrender and the caravan’s grateful owner Lambert invites them to accompany him to Karelina, a city close to where Mukohda wanted to visit the ocean. Ninrir later forces Mukohda to grovel for neglecting her offerings and only relents when he offers a huge selection of western style desserts.
8"All of the Boss Monsters Are Tasty"
Transcription: "Bosu Kyara wa Dore mo Umai" (Japanese: ボスキャラはどれも美味い)
Iho IshikawaMichiko YokoteMarch 1, 2023 (2023-03-01)
While traveling with the caravan, Mukohda learns rumours of Fel have reached most of the kingdoms already and fears they have drawn too much attention. Arriving at Karelina City Mukohda discovers his adventurer’s membership has been revoked for not completing any quests in over a month. After renewing his membership he causes a stir among Lambert’s guards by revealing all the monsters Fel caught on their trip, many of which are extremely high quality. Mukohda decides he needs a promotion to F-rank adventurer for the increased benefits which will make feeding Fel easier. Ninrir makes her latest demand for sweets, scolding Mukohda for forgetting her again. Mukohda is forced to take a quest to fight goblins to begin raising his rank. Sui hunts the minimum of three goblins for the contract but goes overboard having fun and hunts a whole goblin village, causing Sui to evolve again, gaining the ability to alter his size or split into 100 separate slimes. Having hunted enough goblins for his promotion in less than a day, plus Sui’s dramatic evolution, Mukohda again worries they are drawing too much attention. Ninrir enjoys her latest offering of egg pudding, but her joy attracts the attention of other goddesses.
9"Hunting Quests Are All About Meat and Money"
Transcription: "Tōbatsu Irai wa Kane to Niku" (Japanese: 討伐依頼は金と肉)
Kyōko YamazakiErika AndōMarch 8, 2023 (2023-03-08)
For the killing the goblins, Guild Master Willem reveals the Royal family have granted Mukohda complete freedom within their kingdoms borders. Willem promotes him directly to C-Rank in exchange for quietly giving several troublesome monster slaying quests to Fel. Mukohda sells Fel’s latest kills to the guild but two of them, a Chimera and Orthrus, are turned away as they are so valuable the guild can’t afford them. With the money for the goblins plus selling the monsters, Mukohda earns 2000 gold, the largest single payment in guild history. Fel is asked to kill a Mithril-lizard and a herd of Bloodyhorn-bulls. Mukohda visits Lambert’s shop and buys a nicer bag for Sui to sleep in, a knife belt, wallet and new boots. As Lambert is primarily a leather merchant, he asks to buy any high quality monster skins Mukohda acquires in the future, especially from snake type monsters. With an overabundance of meat, Mukohda cooks so much even Fel can’t eat it all. Ninrir gorges herself on the sweets Mukohda sends her but resents Mukohda’s warnings too many will make her fat. The other goddesses are intrigued by the other world food.
10"My Two Familiars Are Too Overpowered"
Transcription: "Nihiki no Jūma wa Chīto ga Sugiru" (Japanese: 二匹の従魔はチートが過ぎる)
Yasutomo OkamotoErika AndōMarch 15, 2023 (2023-03-15)
Mukohda finds the Metal-lizard has evolved into a Mithril-lizard, but Fel still kills it easily. Mukohda also gathers some valuable mithril ore it had been eating. Fel also hunts the entire Bloodyhorn-bull herd with Sui’s help. Returning to the guild Mukohda learns the city lord will undoubtedly want the lizard as a gift for the king, plus the location of the undiscovered mithril ore, all in exchange for 5000 gold. After a feast of bull meat Mukohda prepares an offering for Ninrir only to be confronted by three more goddesses who not only offer their own blessings for otherworld offerings they also reveal Ninrir as a cheapskate who only gave him a minor wind blessing, even though he has no affinity for wind magic. Despite fearing the fame would come from being the only living human with blessings from multiple Goddesses Mukohda receives blessings from Earth Goddess Kisharle and Fire Goddess Agni. As he has no affinity for water the Water Goddess Rusalka blesses Sui instead so Mukohda offers a bumper size sweet box for the Goddesses to share. Fel is impressed with Mukohda and Sui’s new powers and hunts the snake monster Lambert had requested.
11"Doing Business for the Missus"
Transcription: "Shōbai wa Gofujin no Tame ni" (Japanese: 商売は御婦人の為に)
Yūki ItōShigeru MurakoshiMarch 22, 2023 (2023-03-22)
After sending the black snake to be butchered Mukohda makes hamburgers. After selling the snakeskin to Lambert Mukohda shows Lambert modern soap, shampoo and conditioner. Lambert buys them straight away as an anniversary gift for his wife Marie. Mukohda learns Lambert possesses a bathtub, a rare and expensive luxury item. Marie loves the shampoo so much Lambert agrees to sell it for Mukohda since Mukohda doesn’t have a shop of his own. The city lord pays Mukohda for the Mithril-lizard and a bonus for the mine location, 5800 gold. A swarm of feral wyverns attack and many adventurers are injured and poisoned. After treating them with Sui’s powerful healing potion Willem issues an emergency quest to slay the wyverns. Many adventurers aren’t strong enough so Fel and Sui volunteer to kill all the wyverns while Mukohda turns the remaining hamburgers into cutlets. Elsewhere, the three Japanese teenagers summoned as heroes, Kaito, Kanon and Rio all wonder whatever became of Mukohda with his seemingly useless Online Grocery skill and doubt he is even still alive. They also hope to one day meet the rumoured legendary adventurer who tamed a Fenrir, also lamenting they do not have cooking skills.
12"Adventures Are as Countless as Varieties of Food"
Transcription: "Bōken wa Shoku no Kazu Hodo" (Japanese: 冒険は食の数ほど)
Kiyoshi MatsudaMichiko YokoteMarch 29, 2023 (2023-03-29)
Unfortunately, Willem cannot afford to buy the wyverns. At Mukohda’s next offering to the Goddesses they all make different requests; Ninrir still wants sweets but Kisharle wants shampoo, Agni wants alcohol and Rusalka wants the same meals he feeds Fel. After purchasing a bathtub Mukohda and Sui construct a bathhouse and Mukohda finally bathes. The wyvern meat Mukohda uses to make Gyudon followed by stew. Fel returns, having hunted an Earth-dragon, and Mukohda finally scolds his reckless choice of prey since his item box is now full of monsters so valuable no one is rich enough to buy them. As punishment he refuses Fel to let have dinner until he has had his bath. Despite Fel’s protests Mukohda is able to wash him with dog shampoo. Once clean, Fel gets his dinner but is disconcerted when Mukohda decides he must bathe once a month. The Earth-dragon is so valuable Willem dare not let it be butchered in case the other parts are damaged. Instead, he tells Mukohda to visit Dolan city where the guild-master is a dragon expert. This would also allow Mukohda to finally visit the ocean. After saying their farewells, they depart for Dolan city.


In 2018, the manga adaptation was ranked as the second best Isekai manga by Japanese bookstore employees.[51]

The anime, meanwhile, received positive reviews from the fans, both old and new. MyAnimeList rates the anime at 7.86 out of 10,[52] while IMDb rated the anime at 7.3 out of 10.[53] Meanwhile, users of Anime Planet ranked the series 4-stars out of 5.[54]

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